TOMOUNT product review project is a long-term project designed for contacting with TOMOUNT's fans,tech geeks,product specialists,active members in various communities,any others as they have the spirit of sharing their knowledge/experience,and helping us make progress by providing valuable feedback and insightful suggestions.


How to become our reviewer?   

 1: You live in North America or Europe.   

 2: Your reviews on the historical listing of the products are high quality, can make a video will get more chance.   

 3. You have large amount of fans on Facebook/Twitter/Youtube.  

Contact us through the following ways:    

1: Send email to us in HERE.    

2: Leave a message to our Facebook page.     

3: Send a Email to our amazon sellers. 

 Message content:    

 1:Your amazon profile and email.    

  2:Your Facebook/Twitter/Youtube link(at least one).    

 3: The link or pics about the products you want to review .    

  ---------- We will respond to your request within 24 hours.---------- 

Our Requirements:

1: Give us a review within 7 days after you receiving the product.

2: if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us,    we will help you to deal with it.